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Nominating Committee Update:


The nominating committee, comprised of Lisa Hernandez, Jacquie Rice, Rob Lindmark, Taya Nelson, Alanna Foxwell, and Whitney Spooner presented the following nominees for Eastvalley's PTA Board. Voting will be held at the General PTA Meeting on May 21, 2024 at 8:15am. 


For (Co) President: Colleen Nelson

For (Co) President: Marilisa Schachinger

For Vice President (1st Vice): Laura Dietrick

For Vice President (2nd Vice): Ramya Ravi Dhamodharan

For Vice President (3rd Vice): Melinda Batton


For Secretary: Dana Hunt

For Secretary: Cynthia McCray

For Treasurer: Roxanne Sellers 


Ready to S.O.A.R!


Welcome to Eastvalley rising Kindergarteners and families!

We are very excited to welcome you to Eastvalley and look forward to getting to know you through our PTA!


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Also, PTA memberships for the 2024-25 school year will open in June. We will send out emails and post on social media to let you know when they are active.


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 NOTICE: Upcoming Vote to Amend Eastvalley PTA Bylaws 


In July 2024 the National and Georgia PTA have a plan to raise dues - National dues will increase to $4.00 and GAPTA to $2.10. This means that the total amount per membership due to State and National will be $6.10.


Eastvalley PTA Executive Board has proposed to increase our dues to $15 Individual Membership, $20 Family Membership, $10 Teacher Membership. We will be voting on this increase in May at our general meeting.




#Section 1. Every individual who is a member of this local PTA/PTSA is, by virtue of that fact, a member of the National PTA and of the Georgia PTA by which this local PTA/PTSA is chartered and is entitled to all the benefits of such membership.


#Section 2. Membership in each local PTA shall be open, without discrimination, to anyone who believes in and supports the Mission and Purposes of the National PTA.


#Section 3. This local PTA/PTSA shall conduct an annual enrollment of members but may admit individuals to membership at any time.


#Section 4. Each member of a local PTA/PTSA shall pay annual dues as may be determined by the association. The amount of the dues shall include the portion payable to the state PTA as determined by the state, and the portion payable to the National PTA as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by 2/3 majority of the voting body at the National PTA annual convention.


#Section 5. The national portion of each member’s dues shall be four dollars, ($4.00) per annum.


#Section 6. The Georgia PTA portion of each member’s dues shall be two dollars and ten cents ($2.10) per annum.


#Section 7. Each member of this local PTA/PTSA shall pay annual dues of $15 to said association. The amount of such annual dues shall include the portion payable to the Georgia PTA and the portion payable to the National PTA.


#Section 8. The state and national portions of the dues paid by each member of this local PTA/PTSA shall be set aside by this local PTA/PTSA and remitted to the Georgia PTA on a monthly basis. Each state PTA shall pay to the National PTA the amount of the national portion of dues paid by all members of local PTAs/PTSAs in its area.

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