Welcome to the Eastvalley PTA!

The Eastvalley PTA is our school’s parent-teacher association. We help support the school and advocate for every child with one voice. Here are the key things we’d like you to know about the PTA at Eastvalley:

It’s for everyone! The PTA provides ready-made opportunities for all parents to get involved with their child’s classroom, with the school community and with other parents. There is no experience, skill, special talent or other criteria required — the PTA’s programs and activities are in place and are designed to benefit every student. We think our school community is very special and we are honored to be part of it.

You can be a part of the PTA and make a difference for our school in any or all of these ways:

  • Join the PTA by purchasing an $8 membership. You’ll receive dozens of coupons and discounts with your membership card, free access to our online student directory … AND your purchase helps fund some of the PTA’s programs! You can join quickly and easily anytime via this website after you register on Membership Toolkit. You can even make your $8 payment with your credit card. (Click here; if you are not yet a member, you'll be given an option to join.) Or you can bring your cash or check to Eagle Day on July 27. You can also send in cash or your check made payable to Eastvalley PTA in an envelope labeled “PTA Membership” in your child’s folder at any time. We welcome volunteers who are looking to make a difference and have lots of fun, but there is no volunteer commitment required to join the PTA.

After you purchase your PTA membership online, your PTA Membership Card and discount coupons can be picked up at the PTA Membership table at Eagle Day or will be sent to you via your child’s folder. The PTA Membership Discounts Flyer for 2017-18 will be posted to the Eastvalley website when it’s completed, where you’ll be able to see the dozens of great discounts, coupons and offers available to you as a PTA member. Even if you use only 1 or 2 of these, it will likely cover the cost of your membership! And membership has its privileges at Eastvalley … look for giveaways and drawings during school events only for members!

  • Participate in events and activities the PTA sponsors or provides for parents, students and families. Most of these are free and promote learning, communication, family engagement, community spirit, staff appreciation, making fun memories with friends …. or all of the above! You can see some details and photos of our wonderful programs, like International Night, on the school’s or this PTA website. All parents and students will be automatically invited to events and activities all year long. 
  • Volunteer a little or a lot, to help or to lead. It takes human resources to deliver fun and support from the PTA. We know your time is valuable – and your involvement is too. We love our volunteers and want you to be a part in whatever way works for you! We hope you will consider investing in Eastvalley. Reach out with any questions about volunteering to evesvolunteers@gmail.com or read more under the Volunteer tab on this website.


Thanks for helping us make a difference for every child by becoming a part of the Eastvalley PTA!