Eastvalley Elementary Foundation


The Eastvalley Foundation was created in 2003 and has spent the last 12 years raising money to fund big projects that have made a big impact. Ranging from capital improvements like the renovated soccer field and new gym floor to much-needed technology upgrades in classrooms and trailers, the Foundation takes care of projects that the school could not afford without private support and donations.


Working together with the administration and staff, the Foundation and PTA volunteers strive to make sure that every student at Eastvalley is successful. 


Our annual Education Enrichment Campaign is entirely volunteer-driven by the PTA and Foundation, which means that 100% of what we receive will stay at Eastvalley, unlike other fundraisers we have done in the past where a company that helped us took anywhere from 30 to 50% of the profits. 


Each of the last two years, Eastvalley Families & Friends have exceeded our fundraising goal of $65,000 and we hope the third annual campaign this fall is as successful. 


Budget Priorities:

  • To continue to fund Westby Slade, our part-time supplemental science teacher, and purchase lab supplies
  • To fund the annual PTA budget priorities, including events like International Night, supplemental reading programs & Field Day support
  • Teacher supply funds distributed every year to every teacher
  • Curriculum enhancements for each grade level
  • Technology upgrades
  • Grounds maintenance and renovations to playground
  • Grants made available to teachers for additional support



Did you know…. 

  • The PTA gives $600 for PE support to help fund field day and other programs — and the Foundation spent $20,000 on a new gym floor and $10,000 renovating the soccer field.


  • Over the last two years, the Foundation purchased TWO iPad carts — each cart has enough iPads for every student in a classroom to use. 


  • Magazine subscriptions, including Time for Kids are paid for by the PTA. That’s $3,400 given to teachers for reading support. 


  • The Eastvalley Reading Club and Books for Breakfast are funded by the PTA with a $1,200 budget. The PTA also gives the Media Center $1,400.


  • The Eastvalley PTA gives $2,800 for the specials teachers: Art, Computer Lab and Music. Last year, the Foundation gave $5,000 to teachers as part of the Teacher Grant Program.


  • The Eastvalley PTA budgets $4,000 for teacher supply funds. Each homeroom teacher receives up to $100 reimbursement for supplies purchased for the classroom.