Eastvalley PTA / Foundation Calendar

The Eastvalley calendar is hosted in a Google calendar, which you can view below — and which you can sync with your own digital calendar.

This calendar features many events planned by Eastvalley Elementary, Eastvalley PTA & the Foundation dates (in dark blue), Cobb County School District holidays (green), as well as Georgia PTA events (pink).


  • Click "week," "month," or "agenda" at the top right of the Google calendar to change how you view the details of the calendar.
  • Click the "Google calendars" logo at the bottom right of the calendar to add any of these calendars to the list of calendars  you can view in your Google Account.
  • For help syncing the calendars to your mobile device, try the Google support page.
  • For the Eastvalley School Calendar, visit http://www.cobbk12.org/eastvalley. View right column.
  • For Cobb County school calendars, visit http://www.cobbk12.org/generalinfo/calendars/